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Poker in London - Post COVID

Hi all
I’m going to call around the casinos but thought I’d check with you all first: according to Hippodrome website they’re up and running at the minute. I’ve bagged a last minute day off and wondering which ones you’d recommend in London?
Any ideas on opening times (presumably they’re shutting at 10pm along with pubs etc)
Basically I’m trying to work out if it’s worth a trip there for the day, missing my live poker fix (haven’t played Live since March)
Also been told to avoid Stratford but don’t know if there’s truth to that?
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UK side hustle live poker performance - year 1 results and thoughts

UK side hustle live poker performance - year 1 results and thoughts
This is about 9 months out of date but I wrote this to help consider my results and then couldn't decide where to post it. Having recently got myself a Reddit account, this seems the place.
A little history:
When I was 20 I considered dropping out of Uni and becoming a poker player. I had earned £18K profit across the previous year, and that is a lot of money for a student! Especially in the UK, where because poker is classed as a game of luck there is no tax on the winnings of gambling, it felt more like £25K. A significant “salary” for any 20 year old.
Then I started looking at the data behind that and realised that I was averaging almost 70 hours a week grinding 6 tables simultaneously at small stakes to make that profit. In fact my income per hour was just £5.37. Not awful, but hardly worth dropping out of Uni. Suddenly that profit didn’t feel so great anymore.
I tried moving up in stakes, from $20 buy-in’s to $50 buy-in’s, but in a month I lost £3K. The next level contained professionals, and the UK Government can pretend all it wants, but when you’re playing many thousands of hands, skill starts to overcome the short term coin-flips and variances. It was brutal. It was humbling. I wasn’t good enough, simply put, to do it full time and make decent money… so I decided to focus on graduating.
When I was 30 I decided I would try a bit more seriously again, but in casinos. I’d played in casinos sporadically over those 10 years (actually ended up in one with the woman who is now my wife, after I “accidently” missed my last train home when I saw her in a London pub), and although I felt I was a profitable and solid player, you need to be mindful not to kid yourself. So I approached things systematically, recording data for 12 months to see what stood out and lessons I could learn.

The results are in!
· I am indeed profitable. The data told me I had made a total of £8,279 in profit.
· I am fairly consistent, achieving a winning session 53 times from 77 visits, or 69%.
· I played 337.75 hours, meaning an hourly profit of £24.51, or annualised a take-home salary of £48K after tax, which is £68K before.
· I earned on average 14 “big blinds” an hour, a key metric for cash game players. At small stakes, anything over 5 is respectable, over 10 is great. I’ve heard it said 80% of small stake players are loss making, which seems a bit high to me, but I can easily imagine 60% are.
Better still, my graph has very few swings. Interestingly though, I only had 2 amazing nights where I won >£1500, which probably means I played slightly too safe. I confess I did seek to minimise variance where possible, feeling that I was better than 80% of the players I was against, so I didn’t need to take 50-55% marginally favourable coinflips.

Now because my sessions were of different lengths, it’s not immediately obvious if a £100 profit is good or bad. I mean if I’ve played 4 hours, it’s average, 2 hours, it’s fantastic, and 8 hours, pretty meh.
So I took another look and blended the sessions instead across number of hands played, producing the below graph, showing a level of consistency I am genuinely proud of. Roughly speaking, I make £1 per hand played.

OK Great, but what did I learn from this? Data is lovely and all (as is £8K!), but really you want insight from that data you can action to improve performance.

Wait, I did better at larger stakes?
Well firstly, there are a few things I found counter intuitive. Take the below, which shows the stakes I played at. In theory, you earn less the higher your stakes go as competition increases, but I didn’t see that at all.

Playing at stakes 50% higher (£3 an “orbit” versus £2 an orbit – more significant than it might sound), my hourly was a whopping 600% higher. Put another way, I played just over twice as much £1/£2 as I did £1/£1, but made 13x as much profit! Surprising indeed, and massively unexpected.
I am planning on playing some £1/£3 and £2/£5 once I grow my bankroll this year, it’ll be interesting to see if this trend continues, or if there’s something else going on not immediately obvious to me.

Day of the week – weekends are worse?!
Another unexpected development was found when looking at the days I was playing. I had expected that I’d be much better on Friday and Saturday when more amateurs would play and I’d be able to target them, but I found the opposite. Friday’s I made £2.47 an hour, Saturday’s £12.52, both way off my average, and across quite large sample sizes too (>55% of sessions between them).
Meanwhile Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday all had ~10%+ of sessions, but saw hourly profit doubling my averages. My best hourly is Sunday, although I have never lost money on a Wednesday, so a close call as to which is my best.

After reflecting on these trends I started to realise something. Poker is essentially a game of knowledge and imperfect information. A key part of that is “position” (where you sit in each hand), where being later to act means you have access to more information, and “ranges” (what hands your opponents are likely to have), where depending on the position somebody plays a hand in and how they play it, you can start putting them on a range of cards. Nobody sane would bet with 7 players to act behind them with 2 7 off-suit, literally the worse starting hand, for example.
More experienced players play more predictably, and I was much better at sparring with them because I have a good grasp of the fundamentals. I think my fairly conservative playing style is also more suited to regular players, as I tend to take fewer risks and so don’t punish mistakes as harshly.
Finally, my risk adverse approach also fooled regular players into thinking I had weaker hands than I did, so I was able to mess with their attempts to put me on a range. Likewise I tended to just call, and rarely raise, any hand I wanted to play pre-flop, so I could disguise my hand and out-play after the flop. Again this isn’t traditional at all, but many of my bigger pots came about this way.

Central casinos have easier competition

Less surprising was my split in where I made the most money. Tellingly, Empire and Hippodrome are based in central London and are tourist destinations. I find the competitors objectively worse than I am, as a whole. The Vic and Aspers are less central, with the consensus being that Aspers was the toughest £1/£2 in London, consisting almost entirely of regulars and semi-pro’s. I mean, who wants to go to East London as a tourist? There’s way more glitz and glamour in Leicester Square and so much more appealing. The Vic is West London so less extreme, but a similar situation, it’s pretty out the way compared to central two.

Length of session
Lastly, something that was unknown to me was that I would see such an obvious split in hourly profit based on the amount of hours I was playing in that session:

Here, we see a jump in profit after 4 hours, and really between 4-8 hours is my sweet spot, running at 50% more than my average. I think after I have played at the same table for 4+ hours, that I am observant enough to spot certain patterns. One of my favourite tricks is to identify regulars targeting tourists, and re raise them. You know their range will be wide to target the less good player, so you take advantage of them trying to take advantage. This is especially good if you have a good position (so act after them), so that if they do call you can play the hand with more information.
The drop-off at the end likely indicates that after 8 hours I start making bad decisions. Reviewing this, not only am I probably a bit tired, but I think those sessions I am on “winners tilt”, and I must be winning or else I wouldn’t be there after 8 hours. But when you’re up and doing well, you tend to play hands you shouldn’t and make bad decisions that cost you, it can feel like there’s less cost in getting it wrong because you’re still in profit, even though it can cost more in terms of £s. Once I became aware of this in myself, I started seeing it in others. There’s a regular at the Hippodrome who is a dangerous and good player, but becomes reckless and likes a gamble when they are up. If he has lots of chips, I always try and sit at his table, and look to get it in when I am a 60-80% favourite, and hope my luck holds.

What’s next?
I’ve taken 2 months away from the casino’s to make sure I don’t have a problem and focus on a work project, and I’m looking forward to starting this year on the 29th November. I suppose starting on a Friday isn’t ideal, but it aligns nicely with my wife’s office Xmas party, so oh well! That said, I will make sure I play the £1/£2 at the Hippodrome for 4-8 hours. As it will be a Friday I’ll look to punish mistakes more aggressively and make fewer assumptions about the other players and their cards if they seem less experienced.
Let’s see if I can take the lessons learned across this year, and drive further improvements to make more money, improving on my operational performance, the real purpose of data in my opinion.
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London Online Poker Night

London Online Poker Night

London Online Poker Night- Every Thursday Night at 8pm


Already over 200 people involved and a £2500 prize pool! If you want to get involved, get a pokerstars account set up here ➡️London Poker Night Login

⏰ Time: 8pm

💷 £5.50 buy-in

Only £5.50 buy-in and this is open to beginners as well. Had lots of messages from people who had never played poker before and were surprised how much they enjoyed it.Follow these steps to find and enter the tournament on the pokerstars app:

1️⃣ Join Pokerstars here: London Poker Club

2️⃣ Claim you FREE £20 when you deposit just £10

3️⃣ Go to 'Home Games' on the home screen

4️⃣ Click 'Join a poker club' button

5️⃣ Enter Club ID: 3266572

6️⃣ Enter Invitation code: 21212121


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Dealing with the Grinding Mentality/Culture (Table Selection)

Bit of context: I play 1/2 £ nl at the Hippodrome and the Empire in leicester square in London. Right now I've been on a holiday skiing in Bansko, Bulgaria because I'm "nitty" when it comes to traveling experience and I have been playing 1/3 € nl hold'em at the Platinum Hotel/Casino which is virtually a 5 minute walk from the slopes. However, I cannot attribute the qualities in my approach to travel to my nl game. I normally try to play balanced but fall victim to invariably being one of the shorter stacks. Therefore, my predeliction to open up wider combined without the requisite bankroll to effectively give credence to my playing style often places me in tough spots with grinders who maintain a tight table image and then capitalize by playing a series of massive pre-flop moves after observing the action I like to give.
The point I am trying to make is that I don't want to get nittier, I love table talk and hate to play with grinders but don't have the capital means to effectively play in the style I don't want to give up. For example, I shipped it in with JJs vs KKs against this Ukranian grinder (Ukraine outlaws poker go figure) who happened to be playing PLO on his phone listening to what was probably UK grime music just because I don't have the patience to avoid seeing flops for orbits on end.
How can I better my table selection? How do I identify which grinders are TAGs and which are wannabes with 99+ ranges? What is the best approach to maintaing looser play and therefore having a more stimulating/fun time while not getting torched when a grinder starts to get TAG or begins opening wider?
Any tips?
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Got mugged last night and starting to lose faith in humanity.

Hey guys, long time lurker here! On a bit of a journey of self discovery since going on holiday with my Dad and his friend who is a life coach and MBTI expert. For the first time in my life I felt completely understood and we talked almost non-stop the entire holiday. She deduced I was an ENFP within about 5 mins of meeting me, which was a nice touch as I often have issues with identity and have been known to have the odd existential crisis whilst bumming around during University.
Anyway last night went out for a few drinks (meant to be 1 but when the hell have we ever been able to say no to more fun) in Central London with a buddy of mine (ESFP) and we were dancing with some girls and generally having a whale of a time. Things got a bit hazy from that point onwards and I don't quite remember leaving the bar but I do recall befriending a bloke on the streets somewhere, chatting away merrily without a care in the world and completely in my element.
Unbeknownst to be the guy had overseen me enter my PIN number whilst withdrawing money (I'm a poker player and was heading to the Hippodrome Casino). I wasn't allowed into the casino as the guy on the door said I was too drunk, so this guy suggested we head back to mine to smoke a dooby and even offered to pay for the cab. Happy days I thought seems like a nice chap, why not! Couple of toke-a-rooksis on a joint, a bucketload of alcohol and 4 hours sleep the previous night and I was out for the count and a sitting duck. I wake up to discover the guy had taken my bank card, phone, back up phone, laptop and bike! The cheeky rascal even gubbed my favourite bloody lighter.
I usually have troubles getting out of bed in the morning, so I'd recommend being mugged the night before for that little sprinkle of urgency! Literally hop out and legged it to the bank and am told that my account has been completely emptied. Once I get in contact with my Mum (also ENFP) she tells me she'd got a message asking for £1k to buy more Litecoin. Fortunately they weren't savvy enough to get into my Coinbase account and transfer the balance to another wallet. I'm terrible with money so leave lumps of cash at home home and we're sending each other money all the time.
The whole experience has really hurt me, the money is a bummer but insured through the bank and to be honest when I woke up and discovered all of this I was on the verge of tears. Not because of the theft but just a sheer disbelief at how someone could do something like that, their situation must be pretty bleak. I've always been exploited by friends (who don't think I know) for money and drinks on nights out etc but I use it as a good indicator of character and generally remove that person from my inner inner circle.
All day my heart has been pounding and I've not been able to sit still for more than 2 mins, so many thoughts and emotions to the point where it's genuinely difficult to convert into words. Most of the internal questions circling start with 'Why?'. I hope this hasn't dented my generous and loving persona, I just feel like a piece of shit and don't want to start being a boring cynical fucker. My Mum is an ENFP like me so naturally her first questions related to how I felt or whether I'd been hurt. My Dad is an ISTJ and called me on the home phone to basically tell me how much of a fucking idiot I am for 10 mins. What value or benefit does he think that is adding to the situation? I guess that's just his way of dealing with it though, guarding his truer, more vulnerable emotions.
Sorry for the ramble, I guess what I'm trying to get to is have any of you been in situations where you've been mercilessly exploited due to placing too much trust in someone? How did you feel afterwards? How did that change your perspective?
tl;dr - Mugged by a guy I met while pissed up on the streets in London, emptied my bank account and nicked some stuff from my flat. Feel completely lost and broken, not because of the money but at how people can be so cruel. Have you experienced anything similar and how did you build/grow from it?
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Trip Report: EPT London Event 36: Deuces Wild

Before the trip
About 8 weeks ago I was casually scrolling though the EPT/UKIPT schedule. I'd never played a major festival event before, and I wasn't really looking for an event to play, just wanted to see if there were any 2-7 draw games going, unlikely, but that's my thing. As I scrolled past the high rollers and main events something peaked my interest. 9pm, Thursday the 16th of October, a £220 deep stack turbo deuces wild event. At £220 it was within the cheapest band of entry fees and subsequently within my budget. I also considered the fact that 2s wild would appear as "a bit of fun" for a lot of less serious players, making for a weaker player pool. Along with that, the fact that the event was right at the end of the festival and at 9pm made me think that if I could sleep all day and be fresh for the event I'd have another small advantage. The thing with small edges... add them up and they can make a significant advantage. Once I committed to the idea of playing the event, I made my travel and living arrangements and started preparing.
Back at uni I played hundreds of hours of home games. About 25% of those games were the later part of 12 hour sessions when things would get less conventional. 8 card omaha, irish, 3 card holdem and most importantly a lot of wild card games. While I'm sure other people have played wild card games, the previous experience let me go in far less nervous, and as I would come to learn, much more prepared than many players in the field.
Before I even got to London I was doing all that I could to prepare. Unfortunately 2s wild is a very popular form of video poker, so searching anything out online was slim pickings. This article however gave me a decent idea about what to expect. I reached out to Will, a redditor who cashed the same event at a different stop on the EPT and we discussed his experiences. I also spent a reasonable amount of time just dealing flops with a deck of cards at a desk, counting outs for different hands containing a 2. Anything I could do that my opponents weren't doing was to my benefit and I pushed that edge as much as I could.
The day before the event
The day before the event I arrived in London. After checking into my room I walked the route from my hostel to The Grand Connaught Rooms, where all the EPT tournaments were held. I took a look inside to familiarise myself with little things. Where is the bar? Where are the bathrooms? Where is the information desk? Little things I didn't want to be worrying about a half hour before the cards are in the air.
My next stop was The Hippodrome, the official casino of Pokerstars at Leicester Square. They did have a free shuttle car service from the two venues which was an excellent thing to see, because the cash games only ran at the casino and due to some legal issues they could only accept cash buy ins at the Hippodrome, so anything to assist players in registering was a good thing. I walked however as it was dry and I had a lot of time. I knew from the promo information that I would need a Hippodrome card and a Friends of Pokerstars card in order to play. A quick visit to reception and the players lounge and I had everything I needed. I paid for my entry with cash there and then, receiving a receipt which I was to use to get my seat at the Connaught rooms later. I then went about enjoying the rest of my day in London. I did try and stay up extra late though, in order to sleep in later.
The day of the event
I woke up around 11am. Got myself up and ready for the day. Before the event that night I had a few more things to prepare. Going into the event I didn't know how long it would last. I had no real idea of what the number of runners would be or how late I could be up. As such, I went out and bought some aspirin, ibuprofen, bottled water, cereal bars and some emergency caffeine. If I felt a headache coming on at midnight I wanted to be prepared. I wandered the city for a while, went a napped a bit in my room, got diner with a friend and then it was time to go to the event.
I arrived at Connaught rooms about 40 minutes before cards were due to be in the air. As there were several events still in play, I took the time for find my table and seat among the 3 or 4 rooms which had tables set up. Screens mapping out what was where made this very easy. I found the screen with our tournament info on. 20/20 players it said. "Wow" I thought to myself. Really small field then?! One of the dealers pointed out it hadn't been refreshed in a while, so I moved past the thought. I peaked my head into the other rooms, saw a few faces I recognised from TV/Web casts, although names escape me. Before long at was 8.55pm, so I headed to my seat at Green Table 10, Seat 4.
The event I took my seat and the first thing I made sure to do was clarify the unique rules for the event. They were as follows.
Oh, blinds were 15 minutes and stacks were 15,000.
With the rules confirmed and the other players in their seats the game began. At this time most of the tables had 4 or 5 players, which I found odd. However over the next 30 minutes most of the tables gained more players until the field hit 70 players. After the first level, the tournament director also made the decision to play the remainder of the game with 8 handed tables, presumable due to the smaller field size, but I'm not too sure.
My opening table consisted of 5 players. A middle eastern guy in seat 3 (I'm in seat 4 remember). I could tell as his phones language wasn't in English. Two women in seats 5 and 7, and a middle ages white guy in seat 9. I was pretty happy to get this table draw. While outside of the poker table I don't discriminate or try to make assumptions, at the tables I will use generalizations and stereotypes until given a reason to think otherwise.
Within the first orbit we quickly got a taste of how easy it can be to make a huge mistake. To be brief, the woman in seat 7 raised, and the man in seat 9 called. The action went bet call flop, bet call turn, bet call river. Seat 7 shows 28o with an 8 on board for trips, seat 9 shows AA and lost about 7k of his 15k stack at 25/50 blind level. Pocket pairs really don't have any weight to them. Only on one occasion after that did i play a pocket pair, when the button shoved for 6bb when I had 50+bb and I held KK. He had JJ and I won.
Very quickly it was established that most players weren't playing hands without a 2. But I saw many spots where people were over playing weak 2s. It felt a lot like omaha, where the nuts often ran into the second nuts. Case and point was this hand I played at level 2. The UTG player in seat 3 raises to 3x, (50/100 level) I call with 8c2x. All other players fold. Flop comes 6c5c2x. I've flopped a 9 high straight flush. He c bets 500 into 750. I raise to 2000. I could have any number of straights, sets, flushes, quads. Which means he can have these hands too. He makes it 6000 and I shove for 13000. In hindsight a call of the 6000 would likely have been ok as I has the nuts unless 5 of a kind comes in. Regardless he calls and shows 4c2x for the bottom end of the straight flush. I double up and he is crippled. Coming in I knew I didn't want to play big bloated pots without the nuts and this is why. In this case, 7c8c9c with a 2 all beat 4c2x. Very strong hands were everywhere. 4h2x on a 4x2xJx board is quads. And that happened a lot. One observation I made after a couple of levels was the value of holding any AKQJ or T with a 2. This is because these hands can all make a royal so long as the board contains a 2 and any 2 of the other 4 broadway cards in your suit. This happened surprisingly frequently, putting those hands at a much higher value than 92 and 82.
By the end of the first hour, our table had gained a couple of player, the field was set at 70 and the prize pool confirmed. 9 places paid. A hair under £4000 up top. At this time our table broke. This is because all EPT events break tables high to low and table 10 was the largest number. I move with around 30k to another table. This table has a lot more young grinder type kids which is no fun, but I have a lot of chips compared to several stacks at the table. Over the next couple of orbits I knocked out 4 players when they shove and I call with a better 2x, (and the kkvjj hand from before). I was up to around 80k, still well over 100bb deep before my next table break. Down to 32 players, average is 33k. My next table has several Norwegians who are drinking and chatting. I made my first 5 of a kind on the river and knocked out a player who made a straight flush which was fun. But then the card dead period began.
In 6 or so orbits I saw 1 deuce and managed to steal the blinds a couple of times making use of my evidently nitty image. While I managed to maintain my stack, the blinds were racing up, the antes even more so. Since my initial double up back in level 2, I had simply been avoiding bad spots and pushing my good ones. Cruising my way along watching the field grow smaller. I knew I was getting more tired though. Finding the nuts at showdowns was getting to be trickier. Although this was usually after and all in and call where all 5 cards appear very quickly, rather than me having time to think and act. The dealers and floor staff did and amazing job of making sure pots were awarded fairly and correctly though. Throughout the whole tournament though, I took all the time I needed to correctly assess where I was in the hand and what I held. This was extra important when making thinner value bets on rivers, where a lot of 2s would call with very bad hands and lose to say a straight or flush.
Eventually we broke to two tables. And I could feel myself edging towards the money. When we broke to two tables, we redrew seats. The loud/drunk Norwegians moved to table 2 and I was on table one. While I had just above average at this time, most of the chips in play were at table 2, so I had most of my table covered and there were several short stacks. We began to see the first instances of multiple pre flop all ins with 2xXx vs 2xXx. Often they just resulted in chop pots as any 4 to a straight would make a straight for both players with the 2. I maintained my stack and then soon we were hand for hand. We would be going to a 9 handed final table and 9 places paid so this was the moment we had been waiting for. There were a few very large all ins on table 2, which the bigger stacks spent 2 or 3 minutes deliberating a fold or not. This really hurt with the blinds at 5k/10k(1k) with 15 minute blinds. A player from table 2 did eventually bust and we redrew onto table 1. Now I'm at seat 2 on the final table. 1 of the shorter stacks busted pretty quickly. Then a very important hand happened. I don't recall exactly the hands that got me there but I had about 200k. In the BB i pick up Qx2x. Action folds to seat 8 who shoves for 30k. Seat 9 shoves for 55k and I call in the BB. The hands were 42, 72 and Q2. The board runs out and 72 makes a straight. Seat 8 is eliminated leaving 7 players and seat 8 wins a 150k pot, which had I have won would have put me in a much better position.
Now the shoves are coming thick and fast. There were 4 or 5 all in and calls but they all ended up in split pots or the smaller stack winning. By this time the blinds are 10k/20k(3k) With 1,050,000 chips in play, that's 50bbs on the whole table. Unfortuanelty I catch no 2s that double me up or help me, the blinds go up again to 12k/24k(3k) and I'm all in for 1bb with KJo vs 82. I don't improve and I get knocked out for 7th place for £670.
Ultimately I'm very happy with how I played. I ran pretty well, didn't do anything stupid and had fun. It's a shame a couple of cards didn't come differently for a much bigger score, but given I can now brag about having a 100% cash rate at the EPT and have a good story to tell I'm not going to complain. If this event remains in the schedule I'll do my damned best to play it again that's for sure.
Thanks very much for reading. I know it's a wall of text but in this instance that's kinda the point.
PS- The /poker championship vids will be going up soon. For some reason (possibly the size/length of the videos) sometimes they crash and I have to start the uploads again.
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7 big tournaments scheduled for August

Poker doesn't take a break, not even after a massive tournament such as the World Series of Poker has ended, with action continuing nonstop. In the next couple of months, major events are scheduled and they will take place in different parts of the world, with many held by US casinos. It all begins with the WPT Legends of Poker, a tournament that starts on July 28 and last for more than a month. Players are expected to sit down at the tables of the Bicycle Club in Bell Gardens, California and play in various competitions, highlighted by the $3,700 Main Event. This is scheduled for August 23, so there is plenty of time to boost your bankroll by playing live or online poker. Arguably the best thing one can do is to gear up for live action while playing over the Internet and PKR, one of the few poker rooms that focuse on the social nature of the game. Poker players who reside in Europe and have no intention in crossing the Atlantic for live action, will have plenty on their hands by simply attending the GUKPT Reading. This is just the first of the numerous events hosted by the circuit and the flagship tournament is the £550 No-Limit Hold'em Main Event. Action continues in August with the Macau Poker Cup which is of course sponsored by PokerStars and players from all walks of life are expected to attend. Perhaps the most interesting tournament is the HKD$11,000 Main Event, in fierce competition with the HKD$80,000 High Roller that will begin on August 8. There is plenty of money on the table and some of the best highrollers in the world will be here. From August 8, two big tournaments start in Europe, first being the UK & Ireland Poker Tour London which will be hosted by the Hippodrome Casino. The main event will play over three days and players will need to pay a buy-in of £275 to compete for the main prize. A similar amount is expected to be invested by those who plan on attending the Grosvenor UK Poker Tour event between August 10th and 17th in Coventry. One of the most anticipated tournaments of the year is the main event of the European Poker Tour Barcelona and as always, it all begins on poker 16th. For 10 full days, some of the best poker players and plenty of amateurs will be swarming this beautiful city in Catalunya, but only a handful will emerge victorious. Autumn begins with the GUKPT Leeds tournament which starts on August 31 and concludes on September 1, when the winner of the £550 No-Limit Hold'em will be crowned.
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Meetsups / Bitcoin Networking in London

Hi, I'm a bitcoin enthusiast, I am in London for 2 days - today and tomorrow :) .. short notice.. If anyone is insanely obsessive about bitcoin and wants to hang out.. I'm actively working in the bitcoin space - my main website is www.bitcoinaliens.com - I run "bitcoin faucets" and I've given away 139btc in total ($32k worth). I'm especially interested to meet anyone who wants WEB TRAFFIC. I can mass generate traffic to bitcoin wallets, to bitcoin startups, services, exchanges, mining etc. - this is an AMA on me:
I'm sat playing poker in the hippodrome casino in Leicester Sq all day today, and then tomorrow I'll be at the coinscrum event:
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London casinos: Any advice?

I'm heading to London and I'm wondering if anyone out there has had experience at one of their many casinos. As of now, I've narrowed my focus to the Hippodrome, the Empire, and Napoleon's.
In particular if you can pass along anything about blackjack rule, hold'em or video poker, I'd appreciate it.
Tnx in advance!
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Welcome To The Hippodrome Casino - London's Biggest Night ... Hippodrome Casino London - YouTube Hippodrome Casino - London Viewer meet up  Vlog 38 - YouTube Rafa Nadal and Ronaldo at London's Hippodrome Casino - PokerStars Hippodrome Casino London - One Millionth Customer The Hippodrome Casino in Leicester Square - YouTube Special Feature on London's Hippodrome Casino

Details of poker cash games running at PokerStars LIVE at the Hippodrome Casino in London, including stakes and availability. Home; News; Tournaments; Cash Games; Results; Friends; Venue; Hotels; POKERSTARS LIVE LONDON - CASH GAMES. The following Cash Games are available at PokerStars LIVE at the Hippodrome Casino London. Blinds Game Minimum Maximum (or 50% of biggest stack on table) £1/£2 ... Poker in London - A fast and exciting game of Poker LIVE in London, the object of the game is to get a Three Card Poker hand with a value higher than the Dealer’s hand. Search for: Newsletter. My Account. Home. About; Venue Guide; History; FAQs; The Hippodrome Store; PLAYSMART; Closed for a while; Gaming. Casino; How To Play; Poker; Electronics; Slots; Promotions; PLAYSMART; Rewards ... Informationen über das Hippodrome Casino London: Kleiderordnung, Poker, großes Spiel, Spielautomaten, Öffnungszeiten und Kontaktinformationen Hippodrome Casino Hippodrome Casino verifizierung vorweisen ohne Geldeinsatz auf unserer Website gute Unterhaltung. Du kannst hier alle Wettkampf Kostenlos ausprobieren. wir stellen dir die gleiche Informationen zur Verfügung so wie den zahlenden Spieler. ich und die anderen teilen alle guten Aktionen mit dir, sodass du gleiche Vorteile hast. The Hippodrome Casino London details page: This casino is located in London, England. The Hippodrome Casino London features 123 slot machines and 45 table games for your enjoyment. World Casino Directory also lists and books casino hotels in London. Browse our gallery of images of The Hippodrome Casino London or read recent headlines about The Hippodrome Casino London on this page. Hippodrome Casino - Poker club in London, description, cash games and live tournaments schedule. Find your poker game at PokerDiscover. LONDON’S BIGGEST NIGHT OUT. The Hippodrome Casino is an established cornerstone of West End life. The biggest & busiest casino in the UK, we are also London’s most popular entertainment venue, welcoming millions of visitors since opening in 2012. PokerStars is the number-one provider of poker in the world and now brings the magic to London’s West End with the PokerStars LIVE at the Hippodrome Casino poker room.In partnership with the capital’s most exciting and well-appointed casino, this state-of-the-art venue provides regular cash games and tournaments, as well as hosting the most prestigious live poker tours and event series. As we said before, Hippodrome Casino London Poker Stars there are a few different options to choose from when you want to play casino for free. To play casino for free through games in demo version is a very good option for new players, but will keep you entertained for Hippodrome Casino London Poker Stars a long time, since it can not, in demo mode you will no longer have to win prizes real ... Hippodrome Online Casino is a brand managed by Betway Limited (C39710), a Maltese registered company whose registered address is 9 Empire Stadium Street, Gzira, GZR 1300, Malta. Betway Limited is licensed and regulated in Great Britain by the Gambling Commission under account number 39372 and outside of Great Britain, by the Malta Gaming Authority, under licence number: MGA/B2C/130/2006.

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Welcome To The Hippodrome Casino - London's Biggest Night ...

Five floors of casinos and entertainment in the heart of the West End, The Hippodrome Casino is open 24/7 with no membership required. We deliver the very be... Watch How This Professional Poker Cheater, Mike Postle, Gets Caught With Body Language - Duration: 21:59. Derek Van Schaik Recommended for you This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue Three gambling floors, five bars, a restaurant, four private dining rooms, a 200-seat cabaret theatre and a two-floor outdoor smoking terrace. Welcome to UK'... Rebecca Liggero takes us inside the Hippodrome Casino in Leicester Square in London, interviews with Simon Thomas and George Constantinou. Category Travel & Events I recently had a trip to the Hippodrome casino London. One of the best casinos in the world, in my opinion, and definitely the best in the UK. Ok, it's not a... Vlog 38 will be the last one from London and we end it with on a high with the viewer meet up at The Hippodrome Casino! We also met up with the CEO of Hippo...